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Midnight ramblings

As I get more into this project, I’ve started talking to Librarians at work, showing them the blog, and asking for help with finding cool books. The other day, I was talking with L. who took me up to the fifth floor of his library. We were walking around the P’s and he was pulling mad books from all over the world – Greek, Indian, Russian, Vietnamese; I was overwhelmed, taking notes of the stack we were passing through. One thing he said, really struck me as it lays at the core of why I started this blog:

“Digitizing projects are good but they don’t give you the feel or the smell of the paper; digital copies do not have a soul.”

This blog is about recognizing the value, the art, the soul of good books. Walking with L., meandering through space and time on the fifth floor, I realized just how big of a task I’ve started and how lucky I am that there are Librarians like L. to help me take it on.


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